Looking for a producer with experience actually working in television?  Stop and check out this list -  A&E, The Food Network, Discovery, The National Geographic Channel, HGTV, Lifetime and many more.

If your corporate videos put clients and colleagues to sleep and your in-house video department has run out of ideas, then you need to call me right now.  Really, don't wait. Just call me. You shouldn't even be reading this sentence because you should be on the phone talking to me.  I will help you make better videos- videos that clients and colleagues will actually watch and won't stop talking about.

 CREATIVE, fun & profEssional



  • Producing
  • Directing
  • Camera Operator
  • Video Editor
  • Writer
  • Consultant

Nowadays the web is where it's at.  Whether you need an awesome YouTube commercial or a cool web series I can help with both or whatever else you dream up.  Let's make your visions come to life!


television and media producer